gtejo <> wrote:

Hello everyone,
> We are upgrading our clients enviroments to IDM 4.7, so i am in the task

o investigating the new User Application Interface.
> I need to make available the workflow requeest page in the idmdash, so i

created a Permission inside a category in the Application Tab.
> [image:]
> The issue is that this page can be seed by any user. So i need to create

a withe list of users or groups, this way i can restrict the view of
this page. In the older versions i can do that in the
Administration>Page Admin tab. But the Permission object is not a page.
> Can anyone give me a hint?
> Thanks in advance!!

What patch level of 4.7?
This isn’t possible on 4.7.1 or lower 4.7.x

You have to do this under the Requests page in these versions. Then the
trustee of the PRD controls visibility (in conjunction with an IRF).

I think it might be possible in 4.7.2 but have not really tested.