OES Client 2 SP4 IR11 for Windows
OES 2015 SP1
Windows 10 Pro, ver 1809
AMD Radeon R5 430 Dual Monitor video card
Dell OptiPlex 7050

New computer, right out of the box.
Installed OES Client.
Have never been able to get Login Script results window to display.
Nor have ever been able to get Fire Phasers sound to work.
Login Script does work as drives are mapped, etc.

Computer startup sequence:
Windows Lock screen
Notice to Users screen
Windows Login screen with OES Network login
Enter user name/password
Logs in to network
Local Windows user account is automatically displayed and logged in
Windows Desktop

Never see Login Script or hear phasers.
OES Client properties for Default System Login Profile on Script tab has all boxes checked.
Unchecking the Close Automatically does show the Login Script Results screen on a screen just before the Windows Desktop is displayed.
But this requires User interaction, i.e. click the Continue button to finish the login to the computer.
Previously the Login Script Results screen would be displayed, only for a short period of time, even when the Close Automatically box was checked.

PHASERS.WAV file is located in the C:\Windows\media directory.

I've done numerous searches on Internet and found nothing.