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I followed all of MF documentation on setting up the reporting application. I ran the configure script, went through all the options. The DB connection was fine, everything completed successfully, however now when I start the application it throws a ton of errors that it can't connect to the DB. I've checked and rechecked the password and it's right. I've even rehashed the password and put the new hash in the server.xml file and same error. I am assuming that since it's not connecting for some reason that is why it hasn't created the other accounts like idmrptuser. Has anyone had this issue with the 4.7 reporting application? Without uninstalling I can't even run the configure script again because it sees the application as configured and not needing to be configured. I've compared the server.xml password to verify that it's the correct password, not sure why it's failing when the configuration worked fine and I had no errors. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
Is Reporting on the same server / same database as the other ID apps? I had no end of trouble trying to make Reporting run on the same host as the others. When I moved it to its own VM, it fired up and ran fine on the second try.