> You are right ab, of course. I was looking at the certified column, and

Don't say stuff like that to him, it just goes to his head and he
becomes insufferable.

> missed the support column. So I guess 7.5 is certified and 7.6 is
> supported.
>> What does that mean in relation to the documentations "certified" and

> "supported"? The documentation states supported means it is expected to > work but hasn't been tested. So I guess we cannot assume that

installing a
> later SP is really going to work. It might work. And MF support will
> support you if it isn't. But there is no guarantee that it works since it
> hasnt been tested.
> Is 7.6 now certified as support has been added by eDir 9.1 sp3 and probably
> tested?
> So to be on the safe side, always use certified OS?
> https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...a/a79kg0t.html