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Thread: File Reporter Integration Tab missing

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    File Reporter Integration Tab missing

    Micro Focus Storage Manager Version:
    File Reporter Web Application and Engine
    Both installed on the same Windows 2016 server.

    The Micro Focus Storage Manager 5.0 for eDirectory Administration Guide, section 9.1.2, has a Note: "File Reporter reports on Storage Manager policies through a plug-in installed in SMAdmin. The plug-in allows administrators to create Storage Manager detailed, policy- based storage reports by reporting on the target paths associated with Storage Manager policies."

    Again from the same documentation "If you have Micro Focus File Reporter installed in your network, you can click the File Reporter Integration tab to view the status of the integration between Storage Manager and File Reporter."

    I do not see a "File Reporter Integration tab".

    Where is this plug-in?
    Is it installed and I need to activate it somehow?

    File Reporter Configuration, File Management has the status: "Successfully connected to the File Management Engine"


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    Re: File Reporter Integration Tab missing


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    Re: File Reporter Integration Tab missing

    The integration between File Reporter and Storage Manager/File Dynamics is done from the File Reporter -> Configuration -> File Management where you will need to fill-in the SM/FD Engine address and port (3009 by default). Once this is filled in you should see a successfully configured message. (See https://www.novell.com/documentation.../b13f91hy.html) Then when you create a built-in report you will a tab called File Management where you will be able to choose the policy whose target paths you would like to use in your report. (See https://www.novell.com/documentation.../b13ju6d1.html).

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: File Reporter Integration Tab missing

    Thank you. It was the documentation that had me confused. The Storage Manager documentation said a plugin needed to be installed.

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