On our Filr system, if we go to Search Index in the Admin interface, then, on the Manage Search Index tab, we expand Personal Workspaces & then expand one of the sections in there, we see a whole lot of old users listed as Deleted - eg:

Test Senior (Deleted 05-04-2016 9-00 PM 1459890017110) (deleted 05-04-2016 9-00 pm 1459890017110)

You can then expand those entries & see the deleted user's folders that were in their home directories (which are now deleted, in some cases years ago).
Not all deleted users show up and we have just recently run a full re-index of them, but they still appear there.

Just wondering if it's normal for those entries to be there? We assume that means all that data is still stored in the index, so it's making it larger that it ought to be!