When "retaining" emails. It puts them in same location they are in when it's archived doesn't it and doesn't move it or does it if you change where a file is stored.

So for example ...
Email A comes in.

The day it comes in I put it into Folder A

So it gets archived and stored in "Folder A" within my retain archive.

Now 3 months later within Groupwise i decide to move everything out of "Folder A and put it into Folder B. So the user a year later says ohh that was in Folder B before it was sucked out as it had reached our age limit... Logs into Retain to look for the Email, scours Folder B but cannot find it.... Presumably he just has to use the "search" function or look in Folder A :)

Am i right in thinking this. Or does it tell when an item has been moved from one folder to another and move it to the correct folder?

Further to this what about IMAP Clients if the user isn't using Groupwise and uses say MacMail will it replicate all the local folders on the MacMail Client or will they all be in the inbox.