On 03/13/2019 04:04 PM, matt wrote:
> I ended up opening an SR.
> Turns out there is a Legacy Repo (Legacy_Module_15) which has a package
> called "net-tools-deprecated". I installed that, which provided
> netstat, and was able to install iManager.
> The iManager 3.1 docs have been updated to reflect this now per my SR:
> https://www.netiq.com/documentation/....html#b18oixnb
> I still think the installer should be updated to check for these
> requirements, but at least it is documented now.

Thanks for haring your results . I agree the installer should know things,
but better yet it should be updated to NOT use old things; 'ss' is like
netstat, but easier to type and not deprecated as far as I know, so it
should probably be used in lieu of netstat, just like 'ip' should be used
instead of 'ifconfig' and 'route' in all cases.

Good luck.

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