I have a 4.4 SSPR appliance up and running. I want to use our Digicert wildcard on it. I know the appliance 9443 interface has the same appliance certificates page as the Filr appliances do. But the SSPR application also has a certificate config page at Settings --> HTTPS Server. In an earlier iteration of the appliance I only changed the appliance cert and then proceeded to get HSTS errors in both Firefox and Chrome when trying to hit the application page with them to the point where neither browser will load the page. So do I really have to:

1. Turn on SSH on the appliance
2. generate a CSR from openssl in BASH
3. submit that to Digicert
4. Generate a new cert in the Appliance config
5. generate a CSR from that
6. Submit that to Digicert
7. open two tabs and update the respective pages pretty much at the same time
8. ???
9. Profit