Hi everybody!

For several week now we are facing serious issues using cefauditds with ndsd.
All servers are SLES 12.3 running eDirectory 9.1.3 - some are running IDM 4.7.2 as well.

As long as we are not loading cefauditds, anything is fine and ndsd is allocating an acceptable amount of RAM, but as soon as we are loading cefauditds, ndsd is killed by the OS after the ndsd process allocated all the free physical RAM.
For example we have a server acting as an "simple" LDAP repository with no IDM engine installed. This server allocates appx 300.000 KiB without cefauditds loaded. After loading cefauditds it takes only 4 - 5h- that ndsd allocates more than 6GB RAM before the process is killed by the kernel.

BTW: CEF is configured to audit only events of a subset of attributes of the user class!

When limiting the auditing to object events (add, delete, mover and rename) it only takes longer to allocate all RAM, but it would happen after a longer time frame as well!

Does anybody face the same issue? For me it sounds like a memory leak!

Kind regards,