So this is a weird issue. We spun up 4 new edirectory servers and for some reason we can not authenticate to just one of them through designer. All over servers are fine. We found that there was an errant host in the host file and removed it. However we still can not get designer to contact and authenticate this server. It pulls the cert and then it says it can't authenticate. We've tried removing the certs and having Designer re-create them, doesn't work. Tried using ndsconfig upgrade to rebuild the kmo objects, didn't work. Something with the certs or with the server doesn't want to communicate. We are trying to deploy driverset changes to all new servers but can't deploy to this one server. We also cleared the network address attribute in the server object tree, Any clues to why designer doesn't like this server. Other than the errant ip address we're not sure why it's no longer communicating.