We hare having issues getting Access Manager to configure with oauth.

Backup completed, NODE config types backed up to /opt/netiq/idm/apps/idgov/conf/nam-merged-configuration.properties
10 command(s) completed.
Exit code: 0
Access Manager configuration returned with the following error message :
'Error getting OAuth client definitions'

We are going to move forward with OSP for the time being. Are we able to move to oauth with Acess Manager later once we have the install configuration figured out? Do we have to reinstall or can we use utilities?

configutil gui does not show where we are configuring the nam information. Configupdate.sh also does not show the NAM oauth configuration. It does show if you do OSP and then SAML for the authentication method.

If there are manual steps of where to put the client id and secret and where to copy what certs to what keystores, we could do the manual process, but the utilities don't seem to allow for configuration after the fact.