On 4/3/2019 1:24 AM, carmelo wrote:
> I did face the same issue: in my case OSP did not show all the IG
> properties in configupdate.sh nor did it in
> ism-configuration.properties. But OSP knows there is a database and it
> wil read the settings in table ism_global_config.
> Strip the 8543 port from:
> com.netiq.iac.redirect.url =
> com.netiq.cx.redirect.url =
> If above also exists in your ism-configuration.properties: be sure the
> settings are the same as in the database.

This is a good point.

Identity Apps, store some stuff about the local node, in the
ism-configuration.properties, and about the cluster, in the User App
driver's AppConfig container (XML in the XML-data attribute of the
configuration object).

IDG stores stuff about the local node, in the
ism-configuration.properties and about the cluster in the shared DB in