On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 07:34:02 +0000, frankabhinav wrote:

> So, what bandwidth should I keep while replication because inside
> edirectory doc min bandwidth and max bandwith value are missing.

To add to ab's answer, the values aren't really 'missing' - the answer is
'it depends'.

Can you replicate over a 56K dialup connection? Sure. If your database
is large, it'll take a long time to converge, and if it changes faster
than the data can be replicated, then your directory will not converge.

The more bandwidth it has, the faster the replicas will converge. As
long as your bandwidth exceeds the rate of change in the local replicas
(which is what generates replication traffic), you'll eventually get to a
state of loose consistency - in that the data will be convergent rather
than not. In a directory that's actively used, you generally won't reach
a total state of consistency between replicas (though it is possible,
it's somewhat rare) because something's always changing, and that causes
replication to take place.


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