Ok you guys that know the SMG pretty well, I have a question for you. We have the Secure Messaging Gateway catching spam for us (of course we use our own stuff). My question is: Is there anything inherently wrong with having an underscore in an email address? Here's what I see:
  • no_reply@microfocus.com
    • This email gets caught in SMG which says it's a spoof address. AND (here's the kicker) even if I whitelist it, SMG ignores the whitelist and still catches everything from that address as a spoof.

  • no-reply@microfocus.com
    • This email has no problem. Goes right through and SMG ignores it.

So...what's the difference in having an underscore vs a dash? Is this some setting our IT dept has set on SMG to never allow this address, even if it's white listed?

FWIW, I can "release" it and it gets sent to my inbox.

Just curious and everyone in our IT dept is too busy to look at it so I thought I'd ask you guys. :-)