In the last couple of months I have experienced issues with an install where when changing the certificate, the port, etc; it leads to errors regarding messages where it is expecting a given URL but returns another. Usually the host name dns is being expected or returned when it was never part of the configuration.

Is there something in the webapps data that needs to be cleaned out with certain reconfigurations? Should we be deleting everything in webapps but the war files, clean the temp and work/Catalina files, or other factors in order to do a successful configuration change?

We tried converting to port 443 and then back to the high port just to get it working as we couldn't get 443 to work. We made sure that all uri settings in configupdate, configutil were set. We also looked at the ism and other property files to see if there was anything missing. We could not resolve it.

After doing a full reinstall everything is working just fine. I have had two customer's with similar issues and my own lab. Reinstall was always needed.

What data configurations may we be msising or what data would need to be cleaned up?