On 3/19/2019 5:04 PM, gtejo wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I find myself doing the upgrade of a development environment for some
> client. I already updated the eDirectory to version 9.1, iManager and
> Identity Engine. But when i tried to update the User Application I found
> some dependency problems. When i updated the librarys of the SO, i was
> able to update the User Application. But for my sorprise the tomcat was
> installed as a new installation. I think that is not a problem because i
> have the backup of the file ism-configuration-properties from before. So
> i replaced the file, edited the file configupdate.sh.properties to point
> to the path of ism-configuration.properties and executed the
> configupdate utility.
> The problem is, that when the utility started i get an error that says
> "the utility wont connect to LDAP tree". Here is a picture:
> [image:
> https://serving.photos.photobox.com/...44ac58bf9.jpg]
> In the left side you can see the configupdate execution log. In the
> right side the error when i click in the button to find object in the
> LDAP tree, and the configuation of the keystore
> The configuration is the same as before; and before the update was
> functioning very well. So the value of the filed is discarted.
> I can connect to LDAP tree from iManager and from Apache Directory
> Studio.
> I re imported the certificate from iManager and stored in the same
> keystore. Not working again.
> I have no other ideas, i sure that is a certificate problem but the
> certificate is valid and imported in tha same keystore.
> Can anyone give me a hint? I would really like to avoid going to the
> snapshot point.
> Thanks in advance!!

So what I would do is pick a non-bust replica, and enable LDAP trace in
dstrace and then try to save and see if you get an error message on the
LDAP side. I.e. Bad password? Bad TLS? Bad bind DN (since I see you
have t= as your base DN, which MIGHT be an issue, might work, depends on
the LDAP implementation.