ZCM 17.4 and “Waiting for ZENworks agent to do initial refresh”
Hi over a while!
After ZEN 2017 Update 4 we start to see this kind of weird problems when ZENworks agent can’t start. First we saw this on newly installed Windows 10 device. Agent already setup and ZENworks has doing it’s job for settings programs etc., but suddenly … error “Waiting for ZENworks agent to do initial refresh” appear (days after initial setup) and … ZEN stuck. (I’ve seen this red info on NAL/ZAPP window taskbar, but just at once after setup, not later, ever.) Restarted device, nothing, zac cc (if could access to zac), nothing, re-registered device, still nothing, uninstalled agent and reinstalled … still the same. (Also, noticed, sometimes after … something I messed around … it took almost 10 minutes and … agent start to act normally.) And … also suddenly … it start to act normally again – started device and ZEN started wo delay as usually. Well, we thought some … single case (doubtful, though) and … today same problem appear on Windows 7 Pro SP1 device, out of the blue. Windows 10 on which this problem appear was about to set for use, but W7 device was and is in use and we depend on ZEN as most of users programs and running links etc. is set via ZENworks centrally based on device and on user. Bad situation! So far I haven’t got my hand on this device as user still on it and need to work, so, no logs and I can’t get anything remotely as refresh etc. direct commands do not work (remote control actions do).
So, any experiences on this?
More thanks, Alar.