On 03/20/2019 11:24 AM, esilva wrote:
> Hi,
> # swapon -s
> Filename Type Size Used
> Priority
> /dev/sda1 partition 8384508 4544116
> -1
> # free
> total used free shared buffers
> cached
> Mem: 8062712 7374000 688712 2036 185004
> 846684
> -/+ buffers/cache: 6342312 1720400
> Swap: 8384508 4544116 3840392
> Is this behavior normal?
> Otherwise, how can we improve performance?

Improve what performance? Are logins slow, or page requests slow, or
other aspects of what the MAG does slow? If slow, how is that measured?

It looks like your system is using a lot o memory, but it is only at the
minimum requirements level (8 GiB RAM) so maybe that should be increased
if there is a problem. Using swap is not necessarily bad, but it can be a
limitation if it is used in situations where RAM should be used instead.
If that is happening, then performance may be impacted, but describing
that impact would be a good start. Also, the following commands may give
some useful information:


ps aux | grep java
ps aux | grep http
Good luck.

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