*Putting on my vMware hat* Just friendly advice here, I'm sure you are
dealing with some chaos from this. We've all had unintended things
happen, we've all done things that weren't quite the best thing for
business. That said.

snapshots are not backups.

snapshots are intended for short term use only, systems should not run
on snapshots outside of maintenance and testing periods. Use something
like RVTools to monitor snaps.

Did I mention that snapshots are not backups? Because, in the event you
were wondering if snapshots are sufficient for backup... snapshots are
not backups.

On 3/23/2019 5:14 AM, jimmyt wrote:
> Our Groupwise 2014 R2 Mail Server crashed as the VMWare snapshot it was
> installed on was accidentally erased and all emails could no longer be
> recovered. I still have all my email in cached mode on my PC.
> Is there a migration tool to sync this cached mail in my PC to the newly
> installed Groupwise 2014 R2 server ? Any help in the community would be
> appreciated.