at the time I testing with Vibe 4.0.6 the function Edit in Place. At the Time I can open the Files to my standard Office (LibreOffice and OpenOffice 4.1.6) an work an the document, but when I click on the save button, the Error 500 appears an the document would not save back in to Vibe. On the documentation I can´t find what I have to do else to save the files back to Vibe, I installed the Edit in Place Plugin allready.

What else I have to do that it works and we can Upgrade our productive Vibe 4.0.4 to 4.0.6 with the new function.

If it´s helpfull, when I enter Vibe via http, I have the Error,

The Information for the Main Page could not be retrieved. ' When Checking the Token GWT RPC XSRF/CRSF, an XSRF/CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) error was detected. Contact the System administrator about this Issue. (Error Details: ' Invalid RPC token (Session cookie is missing! Unable to verify XSRF cookie.).).).
but because we acces the site via https, the Error dosen´t inventress me at this time.