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    GMS - Disk Space usage


    We are in the process of migrating from a BES solution to GMS. This weekend We added a user to the GMS and their account started to sync.

    In Groupwise the mailbox claims to be just over 4GB in size with around 8000 items.

    For three days the GMS complained about a high number of attachments being synced for this user, in some cases up to 400/min Avg, and this has eventually now subsided.

    The problem I have now is that in the last 3days, whilst this sync took place I have lost over 30GB of disk space on the GMS server (/var/lib/datasync/mobility/attachments/.... ) and it's looking like I'm going to have to extend the sda2 partition.

    We did notice that the GWCleanup script we run states that the same mailbox is around 33GB, but this is not reflected in the GW POA Server UI where it states 4GB.

    Could you explain the discrepancy in the sizing differences of the mailbox and the space taken in the GMS please?

    As an additional question, does the GMS sync the full mailbox from the GW POA or only the items based on the number of days to sync? Can the number of days to sync be set differently per user or even per device? (21 days is fine for a mobile but longer would be great for Outlook/autodiscover on the desktop)


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