From a scalability issue, a question came up. Can we have say, a 3
node cluster of IG servers. Have 2 nodes dedicated to the UI, that is
front ending the interface for users to use.

Could we have the third dedicated to just doing the Collections,
Publications, etc. This way, that load is off to the side.

Perhaps run reports as well.

So we could separate out Reporting to this third node only. I get that.

We could have the load balancer only include 2 nodes in the URL so that
clients only see the two nodes.

This would leave a mostly idle third node.

So if IDG allocates the collection task to the least busy node, this
could mostly just work.

But would be nice to control this.

Current IDG is 3.01 but curious if there is a way to manage this in 3.01
or 3.5?