I have our network OES 11 SP2 running fine for some time. I rebooted the server last night and today I'm having issues on some workstations logging in. We have three subnets (1, 2, 3) and workstations on segment 2 (192.168.2.x) are logging in fine (same subnet as the OES server), but at least some workstations on subnet 1 are not finding the tree. I ran slpinfo /t on my desktop which is on segment 1 and it doesn't show any tree. I did auto-reconnect to the server when it rebooted, but if I go to a login window and click on the Trees button nothing displays. Three other workstation on segment 1 wouldn't log in and I was finally able to get them to log in by entering the IP address of the server. I don't know what the problem is and what would have changed to cause it suddenly. No changes were made to the configuration.

Dan Pearson