On 18.04.2019 12:54, booktrunk wrote:
> So telling the macs to not create the ._DS_Store files seems to be
> working.
> Those i've done it one haven't had any errors in the
> /var/log/cifs/cifs.log file
> There were 100s of lines each day with those errors, and for the users
> i've changed to not create the .DS_Store files no complaints and no
> errors in the logs.... So i'm not keeping an eye on the log and anyone
> else that comes up with the errors i'm doing the command on them.
> It's overkill i run it as the user, then sudo su - put an admin password
> in, then su again and paste the command again. Bit OTT but that way i'm
> sure it's done. Then restart the Mac.

I'm not a Mac User, but just wanted to know that this type of
information sharing is what makes these forums work. Thanks.

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