All I wanted initially was to get rid of my old un-used account on opensuse build project (or at least edit and anonymize it):

I recovered the password, logged in and tried to find "Close/Delete My Account" button, which cannot be found anywhere. Well, "Edit your account" must be it, right?

This link points to:

"By filling out and submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are editing an account that may be used to log in on and The account information you provide below will be shared with Micro Focus and NetIQ solely for the purposes of validating your identity across these sites."

Instead of getting closer to a desired outcome of my old account deletion, looks like I am now a proud owner of a brand new, additional one. And I don't see a way to close/delete/purge it anywhere.

So, feedback part: account management story looks very sub-optimal to me, especially in modern privacy/legal environment governed by such things as GDPR.

Specific request:
- purge account
- purge my account
- close/purge any accounts tied to my email that I might not be aware of stored on the systems of or
- when two steps above are done, I'd like this thread and my forum account gone, as well.

Thanks for any help and guidance that you can provide.