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Thread: 3.5 -- LDAP fulfillment / SDK toolkit

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    Question 3.5 -- LDAP fulfillment / SDK toolkit

    I don't see any documentation on the LDAP Fulfillment target. Is this target and the AD LDAP target only meant to be used with the sdk?

    My hope is to populate an attribute value to the Identity Vault via LDAP on the user the action is taken on with enough information to indicate what permission is being revoked. And then to trigger an IDM Driver logic currently in place that excludes users from a dynamic group as well as remove roles / resources.
    Sailpoint was writing out a custom attribute to LDAP and customer is moving to Identity Governance.

    When I look at the sdk-server.yml file, I see a rootPath: /api. Is this /api path how the cx framework connects into Identity Governance with custom development with it? Do you need to have the sdk installed to use the cx framework? see: https://github.com/MicroFocus/CX/tre...er/ig-overview

    I don't find any documentation on the sdk install / configuration. I haven't tried it yet, but I am assuming you would configure it on a seperate server. Any pointers on setting up an example project with the sdk? I have done some initial look at the angular cx architecture with modifying an example application here or there, but I am not sure how I would use the SDK to take information on a fulfillment to send to another system. (sorry for the newb developer question) ... If I have to go down the sdk route, I thing it would make more sense to use REST calls get fulfillment items and then post the status when completed. I would much rather not have to build my own rest interface or use the rest driver to pull fulfillment data if the LDAP fulfillment target can write out data that we can then build logic around that would be indipendent on any api changes, etc.

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