I am in the middle of a project to upgrade from ZCM 11.4 to $Current. Last year we added a new primary ZCM 11.4.2 to the zone. The zone now has two primaries. We moved the CA to the new primary. Both primaries are listed by the workstation agent in the four roles and they are listed in the correct order per the Closest Server Default Rule. Also we have no 'Location' defined, so everything is in the 'Undefined' location. We noticed that the agent's 'initial-web-service' contains the zone's first primary (s34) which we want to retire - it is being replaced by the second primary (s155) which is defined now as the primary primary.

We can see that the ZAA (11.4.2) briefly has s155 in the initial-web-service file but then changes it to s34. Not sure how/where this is controlled. Also not sure if it matters...I fear though that when I go to remove the old primary (s34) then all those managed workstations will lose contact with the zone, or that new deployments of the ZAA will try to connect to the old primary, fail and be dead in the water.

Is my concern legit?
How do I fix this?