I trying to enable syslog integration on the IG server but with limited luck.

I have enabled it on the OSP through configutil and it works my syslog server is receiving the entries from the OSP.

I have tried to enable it on the IG as well but currently i'm not getting any events to my syslog server.

I have been through the documentation adding the relevant file in the right directory.

I have checked ig-server-logging.xml for syslog part.

It is there and i have only modified it on one default value <enabled>${com.netiq.ism.audit.cef.enabled:true} </enabled> expecting it to get the right information from the original configuration.

But still nothing is parsed to my syslog server. I have updated the xml file changing some of the log levels and these are showing up in Catalina log file so the changes are applied.

Is there anything else i should be aware of for this to work.

Setup :

IG 3.5
OS windows 2016

Best Regards Bo