We have a housing service right now where we have our whole, and we are migrating to a IAAS provider. We have the whole infraestructure setup in the new IAAS, but we cant migrate our databases since it always fails. If I use dbcopy to make a local backup to another server in the housing service, it completes it succesfully. We tried using DBCopy, and GWAVA Reload. We have a dedicated 100 Mb MPLS connection for the migration, with 40 ms of latency and no packet loss, but it always gives the following error:

Lock Failure on database. /mail/po2/ofmsg/msg134.db
/mail/po2/ofmsg/msg134.db -> /mail/po/ofmsg/msg134.db OK - 4-3-2019 15:35:22
Searching for msg200.db
Found at index 114 on chec #8
Source file msg200.db found in ngwguard.db as msg200.db

The database lock failed for /mail/po2/ofmsg/msg200.db
Press [s] to stop attempting a lockThe databse lock failed for /mail/po2/ofmsg/msg200.db

Lock Failure on database.
Lock Failure on database. /mail/po2/ofmsg/msg200.db
/mail/po2/ofmsg/msg200.db -> /mnt/po/ofmsg/msg200.db OK - 4-3-2019 15:35:30
Pass this job /mail/po2/guardbak to another worker thread
Thread 024 starts copy on /mail/po2/ofmsg/guardbak
Copying: /mail/po2/ofmsg/guardbak
Searching for ngwguard.fbk
No match found for ngwguard.fbk
Source file ngwguard.fbk not found in ngwguard.db

/mail/po2/ofmsg/guardbak/ngwguard.fbk -> /mnt/po/ofmsg/guardbak File sizes: source-202103 destination-202103
/mail/po2/ofmsg/guardbak/ngwguard.fbk -> /mnt/po/ofmsg/guardbak Exists

Run "storelowercase" option on the post office

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,