repair will show a lot of error 69 messages
ldap searches returning more than one user fail

be careful in running ndsrepair -R until we know the root cause and if it might break your system

I have not checked this on other systems. A customer saw it, I was able to reproduce it.

Are others seeing this? Is this a reported bug? Is there a field test file?

I will be opening a ticket, and my customer has a ticket open but wanted to raise a flag that if this is as prevalent as we were able to see it may be a major issue.

Initial find was when we had 618 errors after a power failure. Ran a ndsrepair -U that wouldn't repair itself, just hung. Tried a -R instead, that generated the errors. Initially thought it was related to the given customer's issue, but when running it on my newly patched box, I too had the errors and symptoms.

If someone can reproduce it please report it. Just snapshot before you try. I was also able to reproduce it with a ndsrepair -R -i yes. So it seems to be specific to the structure and index.