Hi All,

Using Filr 3.4.3 Build: 4670 / January 29, 2019, With Windows Server 2019.

I have kind of a strange issue with Netfolders. We have a windows share, all users belong to a group which grants them read/write/modify/delete permissions to the root of this share. In this share is a folder, for management, in the management folder there is a folder all users are allowed to access, the rest of the contents are for members of the management group only. This all works as intended on a Windows desktop, but in Filr it seems users must have explicit user-based Full control permissions on this particular folder in order to access anything within it. When a user clicks on any file contained in the management folder Filr instantly responds with a 400 error unknown status, irregardless of which group the user belongs (Management/regular user). There must be something about the permissions setup Filr isn't liking but not sure what. I feel it must be related to the user's permissions to this particular folder as Filr admin is able to browse and access files in the management folder just fine, as well as any user we give explicit rights to. Thinking of opening a case on it but thought I'd ask here if anyone had any thoughts on what we might be missing as it seems like something simple. Is there a log file I could look at that may give more info?

Thanks for any thoughts on the subject,