OES 2018 w/eDirectory 9.1 on SLES 12 SP3. I am seeing entry in the warn log:

2019-04-10T01:45:02.000437-04:00 edir namcd[2235]: GetGIDsGroupListNumberOfGroupsOfWS: Error [-1] in LDAP search while trying to find group FDNs with scope=base for cn=UNIX Workstation - edir,o=oes

I checked in the ndsd.log file for anything, but it looks fine, ends with the restarting of the edirectory server last night, no errors or issues in that log.

I checked the workstation-context= entry in the nam.conf and it is correct, says workstation-context=o=oes.

I did have to re-create expiring certificates on the oes server last night (after I had restarted the OES 2018 eDirectory server).

Would that certificate recreation have triggered this? Perhaps a cache of some sort?
Do I need to restart something on the OES 2018 eDirectory server to refresh everything?
Or is this due to some other cause?

The OES server is SLES 11 SP4 with eDirectory 8.8 sp8 patch 8 I believe.

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