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Thread: Adminstudio 2018 Repackager MSI creation errors

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    Adminstudio 2018 Repackager MSI creation errors

    Good day

    I am encountering the following errors when attempting to create and MSI package from an EXE installer in Repackager:

    InstallMonitor 64bit Launcher: LoadInjectionDriver failed. Error: 577
    InstallMonitor 64bit Launcher: Injectlibrary32 failed. Error: 2
    InstallMonitor 64bit Launcher: Injectlibrary64 failed. Error: 2
    InstallMonitor 64bit Launcher: UninjectLibrary32 failed. Error: 2
    InstallMonitor 64bit Launcher: UninjectLibrary64 failed. Error: 2

    From the thread, https://forums.novell.com/showthread...in-windows-8-1, the only answer is that AdminStudio is not supported in Win8.1, but this is a different version and it was working on a different Win10 system I was testing. I am thinking that there are perhaps missing dependencies, as this is a rather new system, but the only site with an answer, https://community.flexerasoftware.co...iled-error-577, seems to be down or corrupt.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Adminstudio 2018 Repackager MSI creation errors

    Here is a Cached link to that site....


    This forum is more for ZCM specific issues with Adminstudio....

    But some general tips....
    I would be installing the Repackager in a VM, because this should always be done in as clean of an environment as possible.

    Keep in mind, most "EXE" installs are really MSI installs wrapped into an EXE.
    See - https://www.codetwo.com/kb/msi-from-exe/

    Also most "EXE" installs are built using installshield and still accept all of the MSI parameters and options....since they are just passed to the MSI inside of the EXE.
    Also good to try the vendor to check on their automation installs.

    Repackager should be a last resort.....and once a capture is done, make sure you know why each and every single registry entry and file is in the package and is deployed by the MSI under the proper conditions.
    The Repackager is quite a bit like a scalpel, very simple to operate.....but without years of training can easily kill a patient or PC.
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    Please Use at your Own Risk.

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    Re: Adminstudio 2018 Repackager MSI creation errors

    Hi Craig

    Thank you kindly for the advice. We shall be reverting to exe packages for the time being.


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