(Not sure in which category this subject belongs to better.)
ZCM 17.4, Windows 10 Pro (1809, 1803). Never seen this kind of problem before. It started … well, not sure, but probably with 17.4. Just general question wo any deeper digging, perhaps someone has same.
When I using ZCC and run Script Action, particularly mostly in these days I’m using Powershell scripts, then I start to noticed that script running get stuck, I only see via ZCC green circle with black arrows around (In Progress) and … that’s it. “Assigned” in details. Sometimes no problem, it does run ok. Yesterday I had it several times. In script, I had it running before successfully (should run totally unattended, no GUI etc.), is written log to write onto disk from start, so it should leave a mark into computer, but … nothing from which I concluded it’s not started at all. When I wrap very same script into bundle … no problem with starting bundle. Not sure about Windows 7 devices having same problems.
Any experiences? Sure, I must dig into, but perhaps out there is already some knowledge.
More thanks, Alar.