Dear community,

we recently migrated a customer environment to 472, including der Identity Applications.

We now face a new requirement regarding the usability/customization of the Identity Apps:
When searching for users in one of the new functionalities, e.g. the User Catalog or Role Catalog, search results to User entities are being listet with [GivenName] + [ ] + [Surname], which is the default.
In the old days of UserApplication it was possible to modify the FullName Entity in DAL (per locale) to customize the displayed Username for most search results. Additionally, we had the possibility to add a UIControlRegistry_CustomProps.xml in tomcat/conf for Typeahead fields.

In 472 however, we cant get this to work properly. We observed the following behaviour: Modifications to the FullName Entity locales in DAL will only display properly if only GivenName and Surname are being used. As soon as we make use of additional attributes (since this is a calculated attribute value), these will not be displayed in the search results. Interestingly though, the values will show up in the User detail views, but not in the desired search results/list views.

We tried to follow the documentation, but without any success so far:

What are we missing here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,