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    Every help / hint appreciated on this one.

    I did not run into such problem before and I think I got all right but still I am seeing this error message which resolves after 30 second wait but is annoying and may escalate into something worse. Here is the situation.

    I've got a 4 server environment with eDirectory 9.1.2 and IDM 4.7.1 SP1 running in RHEL 7 64 bit with latest patches. I've been seeing -659 ERR_TIME_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED errors here and there and I am seeing it repeatedly every few minutes in my loopback driver log.

    I've got server times in sync with ntp. I checked ndsrepair -T and the result looks ok to me:

    [root@server1 in]# ndsrepair -T
    [1] Instance at /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf:  server1.OU=servers.O=system.TREENAME
    Repair utility for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0 - 9.1.2 v40103.12
    DS Version 40103.11  Tree name: TREENAME
    Server name: .server1.base.system
    Size of /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/ndsrepair.log = 54910 bytes.
    Building server list
    Please Wait... 
    Preparing Log File "/var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/ndsrepair.log"
    Please Wait... 
    Collecting time synchronization and server status
    Time synchronization and server status information 
    Start:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019 03:42:01 PM Local Time
                                  DS      Replica   Time        Time is     Time
    Server name                 Version   Depth     Source      in sync      +/-
    Processing server: .server2.base.system
    .server2.base.system      40103.11    0       Non-NetWare Yes            0
    Processing server: .server3.base.system
    .server3.base.system     40103.11    0       Non-NetWare Yes            0
    Processing server: .server4.base.system
    .server4.base.system      40103.11    0       Non-NetWare Yes            0
    Processing server: .server1.base.system
    .server1.base.system    40103.11    0       Non-NetWare Yes            0
          Total errors: 0
    NDSRepair process completed.
    I've got 3 of the 4 servers in same network and 1 in a different network. The 3 servers use same ntp server but the one in different network uses upstream ntp server that should be in the same time. NTPs do work, they answer with command line ntpdate and I have ntpd operational in all of the servers.

    In my loopback driver i get this error with level 5 trace (cut most of the attributes from the modify operation but the "MyAttribute" is there since it is reported in ndstrace too):

    <nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
        <product edition="Evaluation" version="">DirXML</product>
        <contact>NetIQ Corporation</contact>
        <modify class-name="User" dest-dn="\TREENAME\org\users\x123456" dest-entry-id="37336" event-id="0" from-merge="true" qualified-src-dn="xxx" src-dn="\TREENAME\system\xxx\yyy" src-entry-id="37313">
          <modify-attr attr-name="MyAttribute">
              <value timestamp="1555497551#63" type="string">24.10.1986</value>
          <modify-attr attr-name="Company">
              <value timestamp="1555497551#41" type="string">ORG</value>
          <modify-attr attr-name="Title">
          <modify-attr attr-name="workforceID">
          <modify-attr attr-name="MyTimestamp">
          <modify-attr attr-name="MyTimestamp">
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.792]:Identity PT:Filtering out notification-only attributes.
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.793]:Identity PT:Stripping operation data from input document
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.793]:Identity PT:Pumping XDS to eDirectory.
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.793]:Identity PT:Performing operation modify for \TREENAME\org\users\x123456.
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.793]:Identity PT:--JCLNT-- \TREENAME\system\driverset\Identity - Publisher : Duplicating : context = 668991581, tempContext = 668991721
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.794]:Identity PT:Skipping <remove-all> of Object Class.
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.794]:Identity PT:Modifying entry \TREENAME\org\users\x123456.
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.796]:Identity PT:--JCLNT-- \TREENAME\system\driverset\Identity - Publisher : Calling free on tempContext = 668991721
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.797]:Identity PT:Restoring operation data to output document
    [04/17/19 15:46:10.797]:Identity PT:
    DirXML Log Event -------------------
         Driver:   \TREENAME\system\driverset\Identity
         Channel:  Publisher
         Object:   \TREENAME\system\contracts\active\welmu-e212166 (\TREENAME\org\users\x123456)
         Status:   Retry
         Message:  Code(-9011) eDirectory returned an error indicating that the operation should be retried later:  novell.jclient.JCException: modifyEntry -659 ERR_TIME_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED
    And ndstrace gives me this:

    1980143360 LOCK: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] DEBUG: Exclusive Lock Obtained(autolock=true:
    1980143360 LOCK: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] DEBUG: 1 [DSAModifyEntry]
    1980143360 COLL: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] DEBUG: Attempt to delete attribute from entry 0x91d8 attribute .MyAttribute.[Attribute Definitions].[Schema Root] deleted in the future, attrDTS 2019/04/17 15:16:08, 4, 3, timeStamp 2019/04/17 15:16:08, 1, 22, returning succeeded.
    1980143360 ABUF: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] DEBUG: Reply - (0) 
    1980143360 AREQ: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] DEBUG: DSAModifyEntry failed, time not synchronized (-659).
    1980143360 CBUF: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] DEBUG: Client Reply - Context: 27e000cf, DSAModifyEntry, Size:0, failed, time not synchronized (-659)
    1980143360 VCLN: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] DEBUG: request DSAModifyEntry by context 27e000cf ,cFlags=20010404 , scflags=00000004 failed, time not synchronized (-659)
    1980143360 DVRS: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.931] INFO: Identity PT:--JCLNT-- \LUTGROUP\system\driverset\Identity - Publisher : Calling free on tempContext = 668991695
    1980143360 VCLN: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.932] DEBUG: DCFreeContext context 27e000cf idHandle 00000007, connHandle 0000bb00, /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib
    1980143360 DVRS: [2019/04/17 15:16:08.932] INFO: Identity PT:Restoring operation data to output document
    Is there something I am not seeing or can this be totally something else?

    Edit: No other driver is touching the object "x123456" seen in trace. Only this loopback driver is editing the object so there should not be any future timestamp left by other server.
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