we recently upgraded our NAM and AG's to version 4.4 and also moved the virtualized the envionment from LXC on SLES11 to another container platform using LXC and cgroups.
Since this move/upgrade we suffer from the AG's memory filling up further every day until apache starts defunctioning and a novell-apache2 restart is needed to fix the functionality
Caching is disabled, and only two sites are form-filled with the AG's so load is relatively low.

Both AG's were cleanly installed with SLES12SP3 and novell-access-gateway- and both were equipped with 4 GB memory as recommended per the install guide.
We have already upgraded them to 6 GB which did not seem to fix the issue and now the test is running with 8 GB per AG.

Is there a known memory leak or maybe there is a tuning parameter to fix this behaviour ?