I am trying to setup reporting and I did get stuck at adding Data Sync Policy in Identity Manager Data Collection Services. (https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...-settings.html)

I fill out correctly Sentinel Server Details and Database Server Details, but after clicking "Create" button, I get Database connection failure... check database connection and/or credentials.

The sentinel data seems to be fine (I tried to make them wrong, and I was presented with correct error), but I am really sure the database data are also correct, here is why:
* postgresql is binded to all IPs, pg_hba.conf set correctly
* I can connect to idmrptdb via psql (localhost) or via DBeaver (remotely) just fine, the credentials are correct

idm:/opt/netiq/idm/postgres/bin # ./psql -h -d idmrptdb -U postgres -p 5432 
Password for user postgres: 
psql.bin (9.6.10)
My setup is just 2 servers
server1 - sentinel
server2 - everything else: idv, engine, apps, reporting, osp, etc.

I was not able to find any related error mesasges in my logs (catalina.out, driver log/trace, journal, postgres). I am not sure what is going on, and where else to look, so I would really appreciate any tips, what to check, where to look, what to read. It is fresh IdM install, 4.7.2, all components upgraded, Identity Manager Data Collection Services version 6.0.2.