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Hi Dave,

An external user can not have direct (OES) file system rights. So in case of Filr, if a user does not have direct rights which is the case in "FIlr File Sharing", the Net Folder proxy user identity will be used (for sharing scenario). As the external user in this case has contributor rights, the external user will continue to be able to perform all the file system operations even when the sharer's file system rights are restricted.

Additionally, we have tried the same scenario on both Filr 3 and Filr 4 deployments and saw the same results, which is the external user continues have all the rights (contributor). As part of Filr 4 release, the OES file system rights subsystem has not undergone any such changes.

We need to figure out how it worked in your Filr 3 deployment. Could you please check and see if the external user by any chance got part of the OES server.

Praveen Kumar
When I first set this system up, I tested multiple times with a test user and directories, and confirmed it worked the way I described. What happened after restricting the rights of the internal user is that Filr still thought the external user had contributor rights to the directory (i.e. buttons/menus to upload, delete, etc. still showed), but any attempt to actually upload or delete a file would fail with a file system error. I recall that a deleted file would disappear from the Filr screen, but upon refreshing the screen the file would re-appear.

I can try bringing up my Filr 3 server again and re-doing my tests. I'll have to find an off-hours time to do it. It's entirely possible this broke at some point before Filr 4, it might have been a year or two ago the last time I actually proved it all worked, so going back to my Filr 3.4.3 appliance may prove nothing if whatever it was changed back at Filr 3.1 or 3.2.

Either way though, it sounds like you didn't and don't intend for this to work the way I had it working and it only ever worked by accident.