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Thread: Filr 4 doesn't respect file system rights on shared folders

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    Re: Filr 4 doesn't respect file system rights on shared fold

    Quote Originally Posted by ketter View Post
    So if I understand correctly, you are saying the external users rights
    should change based on the internal users rights changing?
    That is correct; an external user who has access to a directory shared to him by an internal user should have no more access rights than the internal user, even as the rights change. This was a major point of emphasis that Filr respects file system rights.

    When I set this up under Filr 3 it was all working fine, and I recently verified it all still worked as expected. However Filr 4 has broken my whole setup. If it had never worked this way, I would've found some other way to do things... but it's an existing setup with several dozen external users, who now can mess with files they're only supposed to be able to download.

    (the stupid thing here is that I was in the beta program for Filr 4, but I was so busy with other things last month that I never got a chance to even install it, much less test my usage scenario; though to be fair I didn't expect such a big thing to change)
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