I am creating a task, trying to specify a start date that is prior to the current date. Sample code shown below (run on 4/21/2019).
The API changes the start date to 4/21/2019 even though the dates that I specified (begins and startDate) are 4/20/2019. I noticed
that the GroupWise client also refuses to allow a start date in the past, so I assume I can do nothing about this? This is a migration
application, so to be accurate, there will be entries with a start date in the past.
<item type="Task">
<subject>Book flight to Paris</subject>
<part contentType="text/plain" length="64">
SGVyZSBpcyBzb21lIHRleHQgdG8gZ28gYWxvbmcgd2l0aCB0aG UgdGFzay4NCg0K