I am having some issues getting a non-root v4.72 on top of a non-root eDirectory tarball to start under Rhel7. v7.6.

I get no errors on either the eDirectory config, or the IDM non-root install. I install from v4.7 ISO first using the non-root script, then I ran the v4.72 patch.

On 1 iteration I install the netiq-jrex rpm as root, but was pretty sure that was fixed on the v.4.72 patch.

Anyway vrdim will just not load.
load vrdim: vrdim module could not be loaded: (-5984)

I also seem to be missing a library.
Loader Failed:for /apps/eDirectory/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-modules/libvrdim.so,error libIDMCEFProcessor.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory,errno 0

As this shows in ndsd.log when trying to load vrdrim from ndstrace. I do not have libIDMCEFProcessor.so, and I cant find any information on that.

I have a ticket in, but no luck so far. I am about to give up on this. We are required to run both of these as non-root now. So not what will happen if cant.

We have the Advanced license, so I chose advanced. I know that used to break non-root if you didn't have the naudit rpm installed. But I think was fixed in some previous v4.6x. I have not install that platform agent as root, because we do not run it.

Thank you any direction you may have.