Hi folks,

I have a sandbox that is a Windows DC and is also running eDirectory 9.0.3

I have my eDirectory LDAP ports set up as 8389 and 8636 so as not to conflict with MAD.

I can successfully authenticate as cn=admin,ou=services,o=demo using Apache Directory studio on port 8636.

When I execute eDirectory_913_Windows_x86_64.exe I can get as for as the first screen, however I am unable to authenticate. Looking at the advanced screen, the LDAP ports are set to 389 and 636, no worries, I'll just change the port numbers, and away we go......

Except I can't, the settings are greyed out

I have looked at the silent install instructions, however the Econfig powershell script is not where it is mentioned in the documentation - I have found it in my users temporary files, but running it does not seem to do anything.

Oh how I love eDirectory on Windows!

Any suggestions gratefully accepted