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So i think i need a way to add a new interface, or by default, modify
one. If this configuration is in one of the jar files that the OSP uses,
i dont think that digging into the jar files is a viable solution. So if
the HTTPInterfaces are defined by a code, i think that the code should
pickup the input values from one of the configration places that OSP
use, or the certicates, or the ism-configuracion.properties. I verified
all the certificates in the two keystores (eDirectory and OSP) and the
certificates in the keystore that tomcat uses. Also verified the
server.xml and the ism-configuracion.properties file, in there i have a
lot of configuration parameters, but not one let me define witch
HTTPInterface the OSP uses.

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Just a crazy idea, what happens if you change the hosts file to: idmv45dyt.bvsa.local

Does it make a difference.

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Changed, and now the OSP logs shows me the right interface. But the error still persist. I think is that because the interface port is 80 instead of 8543. This is correct, or the port should be 8543?