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>It was a question just for curiosity, I stumbled upon this section about
>Groupwise 18 with earlier Groupwise version. I understand that you
>should *NEVER* run a non matching agents against a GW db. I wont try
>this on our production system but was doing some experiment in a lab
>environment. Was testing Web Access 18.1 with a Groupwise server 14.2.3.
>I'm actually looking to upgrade our Groupwise system from 14.2.3 to
>18.1. We use also web access 2014.2.3, GMS 2.1 and GMS
>Will upgrade with the standard procedure from my primary domain server
>first before secondary domains, post offices and so on.

I'm not sure what the official word is but I always treat WebAccess
and GMS as "clients" and I keep them in line with the rest of my
GroupWise agents. Never had issues that way.

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