I'm experiencing an issue with my new GMS Server. The issue appears to show itself as multiple messages in/from the WiP (Drafts) folder and/or many messages (increasing with time) in the Trash folder.

Recently I had to remove 32000 messages from my Trash and for another user who had 50000 in Trash and 30000 in WiP (which took 24 hours to remove).

When it was at it's peak, the GMS server was telling us that around 250,000 items where awaiting processing by Groupwise.

We can't remove the items from Trash by default as we use Retain and the Integrations option prevents users from deleting items until they have been archived (which we do after 7 days). So to remove the items we had to disable the archiving, delete all items from WiP and Trash, then resync the mobile devices and re-enable the archiving.

Since I have done this I can today see 4-5 messages in trash that appear to be duplicates of the same message, however this looks like the message is at various stages of composition.

Two things:
1. How could the user have ended up with 30000/50000 messages in these folders in the space of a week
2. Is it possible that when using gmail, it is autosaving the message in drafts but as retain is preventing deletion of emails, these messages are staying in trash at the various stages of composition?

Hope this makes sense