On Wed, 05 Jun 2019 14:27:29 GMT, unsigned <unsigned@digerati.us>

>Its certainly not NW4.11, but I've got three NW6.5 servers in production
>on vMware ESXi. One of them has been virtual for years, the other 2 for
>about a year. Same story that the physical hardware was getting old, one
>of them was a Compaq DL380G3.
>Since our hypervisor is vMware, there are vMware tools available that
>help with the memory and CPU issues. The tools are old and well out of
>vMware support, but I suppose that isn't different than NetWare itself.
>Looking at the tools iso, there is an nw4 idler nlm in the folder, I'll
>guess that means nw4 support was available at one point. There is no
>The virtualized systems work reasonably well, NetWare is more like 99.9%
>stable vs. rock solid on the physical hardware. We've seen the server
>VMs needing to be restarted somewhere around annually. I only have 1vCPU
>and 2GB of ram allocated to each VM.

And seeing this reminds me that I need to shut down my last Netware
6.5 server sometime soon. I finally found a SLES based replacement
for it. Was leaving it in place as a backup until I was sure the SLES
based software was working correctly.

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