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> 1. you can install nw65sp8a on a virtual machine (here is btrieve
> included) and test your applications!
> 2. yon can install a oes or sles Server and install btrieve (now
> pervasive running on Linux in 2 modes, as btrieve or as SQL-database)

I've seen where a newer btrieve break an app because of the assumptions
that went into creating the old app, and unless you have someone ready
to rebuild (are you volunteering?) that app to accommodate the newer
models that came with the upgrades, then it can be a very expensive
exercise to get nowhere.

Sometimes you just have to preserve the old system as best as you can
until some time as the funds can be made available to rebuild the app
on a current set of assumptions or do without the app.

I supported a NetWare 3.12 box (with older Btrieve because newer broke
their app) up until 2008 when they replaced the whole system with a
'web based' (IE6 based <shaking head, sigh>) system.
Elsewhere I still support some NetWare 6.x of different versions
because they work, the patch test cycle is sufficiently long and
costly, and there is no way they are 'just trying it' with such mission
critical systems.

Simply beatting the drum of 'newer is better' is just a pinhead move
that ignores all the other reality of running a business. Just because
you can do a thing, doesn't make it a good thing to do. Best practises
aren't always the best practise for a given situation, only a starting
point in the engineering/design phase.

Andy of in Toronto
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