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OK, i anderstand.

Are this Cobol development? I think its a C language application

I have worked a Long time with btrieve/pervasive on netware, later also on Windows!

1. you can install nw65sp8a on a virtual machine (here is btrieve included) and test your applications! Not an option for us since we don't have a license installer of NW6
2. yon can install a oes or sles Server and install btrieve (now pervasive running on Linux in 2 modes, as btrieve or as SQL-database) I will try to look into this

Do you Need nds or edirectory for your application? Yes our existing NW has NDS
How big is your application and databse? not that big since this is a legacy system already


In your own experience do you think this high memory utilization might cause an issue in the future or can be ignored as what Anders mentioned in this thread (see below)

> I see the high memory utilization on netware itself in console
> monitor 97% memory used 3% free.

I would ignore that unless you are experiencing other problems.

- Anders Gustafsson (NKP)